WaaS From The Air

Rainmaker has entered into a Water-as-a-Service (WaaS) agreement with Jamaica’s Northern Caribbean University (NCU). As a part of this project, up to 5,000 Liters of clean drinking water will be generated each day for three years using our proprietary Air-to-Water (AW) system located at the university’s main campus in Mandeville – approx 50 miles west of Kingston in Jamaica’s mountainous parish of Manchester.

This landlocked region struggles with finding clean water and has attempted rainwater collection and other conservation methods in the past. However, due to lengthy seasonal droughts and unpredictable rainfall, they began to look for alternative solutions to provide water to their University.

Jamaica Mountains 001 1
Landlocked, mountainous locations in Jamaica struggle to find clean water.

Desalination Is Not An Option

Due to NCU’s elevation of more than 600 meters above sea level, seawater is not easily accessible which rules out desalination as an option. With our AW system’s ability to harvest fresh drinkable water from airborne humidity with zero chemicals, we are able to provide a cost-effective and environmentally sustainable solution to their clean water problem.

Future Expansion in Jamaica & Beyond

MNH, in partnership with Rainmaker, plans to expand similar AW and Water-to-Water (WW) projects throughout Jamaica and other Caribbean islands. In locations with easy access to seawater, brackish, or other contaminated water sources, the WW system will prove highly effective in desalination and purification processes.