Creating clean drinking water with our Air-To-Water (AW) system in areas suffering from drought in Sri Lanka.

In collaboration with their local partners, Rainmaker was able to deliver the first Air-To-Water system to Colombo, Sri Lanka, to produce clean bottled water for districts affected by drought and other extreme weather conditions. This revolutionary project, in combination with local water bottling facilities, supplies clean drinking water to thousands who otherwise lack access to it.

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Many areas in Sri Lanka lack access to clean, drinkable water

Bottling Water From The Air

Our core AW technology was combined with a state-of-the-art water bottling facility, located in Sri Lanka’s capital, to meet the needs of the most water-scarce communities. With one generator, the AW system is able to produce approximately 3.6 million 500mL bottles of water annually. 

Sri Lanka’s weather cycles have become more extreme in recent years, cycling between extreme drought conditions and flooding, both of which can lead to extreme shortages of clean water. As recent as May 2020, there were over 312,000 people in 14 districts in 8 provinces affected by drought according to the Disaster Management Centre.1 As these conditions increase in severity, the need for both AW and Water-To-Water (WW) solutions will only grow. 

According to the U.S. National Library, other depletion and degradation of water in Sri Lanka is caused by various man-made activities, with surface inland waters in urban areas polluted heavily with domestic and industrial sewage, and in rural areas with agricultural runoff. Groundwater in certain areas of the country’s dry zone comes with high fluoride content, while hard, rocky, alluvial areas, struggle with high concentrations of iron. Biological contamination of groundwater is plaguing the country’s overcrowded urban cities, while over-utilization, particularly through tube wells, is another major issue affecting Sri Lanka’s groundwater resources.

Long Term Plans

Rainmaker, with collaboration from MNH, is currently in the process of developing a long-term business plan with this JV partner in Sri Lanka allowing us to ramp up volumes, revenue growth, and profitability. The expectation is that we will be delivering machines to the country on a continuous basis for the foreseeable future.