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Water & Power

We bring decentralized, sustainable drinking water systems powered by renewable energy to areas that suffer from the highest levels of water scarcity while avoiding high costs and time lags that come with traditional water distribution.



The Problem

Distribution Cost of Electricity & Water

Fresh water is essential for life.

Cost of Reliable Energy

Cost of electricity for remote communities

$1.14kWh vs. $0.10kWh in urban areas

This means:

1.2B people don’t have electricity because it’s unaffordable.*

Earth from Space at night

Cost of Clean Water

Transport costs of water for remote communities

$10 - $500/m3 vs. $3.00/m3 for tap water in urban areas

This means:

5B people will experience water scarcity in the next 12 months.*

African children carrying water in yellow jerry cans on their heads

Water Needs For 1 Person

Growing populations and climate change are creating even more water stress.

The world’s population is growing. Currently, it’s approximately 7.5 billion. That is projected to become 8 billion by 2023 and 9 billion by 2038. Much of this new growth will come in regions that are severely water-stressed, specifically African countries, China, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Mexico.

Existing Water Sources

Increasing number of natural water sources are polluted and need significant treatment.

The water table has been polluted and well water is no longer safe. Harvesting rainwater is also becoming less reliable as a water source. Many parts of the world experience long dry seasons with little or no rain. Shifting weather patterns make historical methods unpredictable and unreliable and unfit to capture heavy rainfalls.

Energy & Water

Clean reliable water sources need a lot of energy and energy production needs a lot of water.

Desalination projects, large-scale water transfer projects and increasing demand for wastewater treatment contribute to the water sector’s rising energy needs. The largest energy use for suppliers of drinking water is the electricity used for pumping water.
The Solution

Our Technology Systems

Our Flagship System


An integrated, distributed, water production solution powered exclusively by renewable energy
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The Benefits

The Benefits

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Beverage Industry

Humanitarian Organizations/NGOs

Hotels in Areas of Limited Water Supply


Beverage Industry

Humanitarian Organizations/NGOs

Hotels in Areas of Limited Water Supply