Who We Are

Providing sustainable resources to the world.

Who We Are

Providing sustainable resources to the world.

Who is
Make NRG Holdings?

Our Mission

MNH identifies compelling and innovative technologies, combines them into unique solutions and super charges them through our connections and capital resources across sustainability projects.

Our Vision

Water, food, energy, and connectivity are the basic necessities of life in the 21st Century. Many parts of the world are facing severe scarcity in these resources and it is expected to only get worse.

Our vision is to help tackle these challenges using innovative, sustainable technologies and solutions which address and help meet the needs of those around the world who don’t have access to these essentials.

Who We Work With

Our Industries

We work with clients to discover, develop, and design solutions for a circular economy.

Water & Power




What We Do

Our Services

We discover, develop, and design solutions focused on circular economies. We embrace and partner with industry sectors and projects that provide effective and meaningful solutions.

Why We Do It

Our Strategic Anchors

At Make NRG Holdings, our purpose is to serve businesses and communities in need anywhere in the world.

We believe that our work has a sense of purpose. That our projects enable those who utilize them to change from a survival mentality to a thriving mentality, Culture Changing. We express this ambition through our tagline: Creating a future built on sustainable resources. Our work makes a difference – be it helping people have access to life giving resources, supporting new ways for research and innovation to happen, or developing new ways of thinking about doing things better for our world.

Our People

The Executive Team

Sean Lee

Founder / International Biz Dev

Andy King

President / Marketing / Sales

Joost Oosterling

President, Rainmaker / Biz Dev